Fine outdoor furnishings

Furniture Refurbishing

Don't replace, refinish!

Fine outdoor furniture can be a lifetime investment. It is amazing what a new coat of paint, new straps, slings, and/or cushions will do for a set! Your beloved, well-used furniture can look like new, usually for much less than what new would cost. Here are a some figures you can use to decide if you want to refurbish or buy new:
• Painting a chair frame: approximately $100
• New straps for a chair: approximately $80 labor and material
• New sling for a chair: approximately $70
• New Cushion for a chair, seat and back: approximately $125

Is it cheap to refurbish furniture? Not necessarily. Is it less expensive to refurbish than to buy new? The answer is almost always a resounding, yes! A few things to consider. Have you grown tired of your furniture's style? Is your furniture as comfortable as the newest styles? Do the pieces you have still fit your lifestyle? If you answer yes to all of these questions, consider refurbishing. If you answer no to only one, consider buying new.

Expect the cost of furniture refurbishing to be in the moderate to high range.